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SOLON Conference Modern Activism 27-30 June 2012 Liverpool Programme - Abstracts
This interdisciplinary conference was a joint initiative between SOLON at Liverpool John Moores, the Centre for Contemporary British History at KCL, ESRC, and Liverpool University, and the University of Hull addressing a range of issues relating broadly to modern activism. There were two broad stands: Modern Activism (managed by SOLON) and Criminal Justice History, and Activism (managed by Liverpool and Hull with funding support from the ESRC). Speakers included Lesley Abdela, Frances Crook, Barry Godfrey, Frank McDonaugh, Richard Monkhouse, and Judith Rowbotham.
Full Conference Report
has been published in Law, Crime and History ;

Experiencing the Law

  • Experiencing the Law, VI, 22 February 2012, IALS, Accessing Justice: Rights, responsibilities and effective strategies for programme
  • Experiencing the Law, V, 3 December 2010, IALS, Sex, Sexualities and Law: changing attitudes or perpetuating stereotypes? for programme
  • Experiencing the Law, IV, 4 December 2009, IALS,
    Objectifying Children: Policy-making, Law and Human Rights Responses. Key speakers included Professor Jean La Fontaine, Dr Rebecca Probert, Dr Penny Booth, Dr Kate Bradley. Programme Abstracts
  • Experiencing the Law III: From Globalisation to Poverty; the Implications of a 'Credit Crunch' 5 December 2008 IALS: Keynote speaker: Ed Gibson Head of Security at Microsoft, also Rob Merkin (Southampton);Dinah Greek (Computer Active); Nick Ryder (UWE); Sarah Wilson (Manchester Met) Final Programme
  • Experiencing the Law II: Activity or Inactivity? The Issue of Failure in Law’s Responses to Violence 7 December 2007 IALS Abstracts Speakers included: Heather Harvey (Amnesty International), Nazir Afzal (CPS), Jasvinder Sanghera (Karma Nirvana) Alisdair Gillespie, Les Moran

Crime Violence and the Modern State

War Crimes

  • 2nd Biennial War Crimes Conference Justice? Whose Justice? Punishment, Mediation or Reconciliation?
    3-5 March 2011 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies School of Advanced Studies, University of London.Programme , Abstracts, Speaker Biographies
  • War Crimes – Retrospectives and Prospects 19-21 February 2009 IALS Speakers included: Lesley Abdela, David Fraser, Michael Kandiah, Frank McDonough, Hans Pawlisch, David Seymour, David Sugarman Final Programme, Conference Report
    SOLON and the War Crimes Conference are pleased to promote the Putis Peace Advocacy Project

Archive: Abstracts, Programmes and Reports:

Programmes, Abstractsand Reports from previous conferences are now available on-line.

  • Behaving Badly 2 2005 Abstracts
  • Frauds, Fakes & Deceptions: Annual Conference 2003 Abstracts
  • Who Dunnit? 2002 Report
  • Behaving Badly 2001

SOLON Hate Crimes Conferences Abstracts, Programmes and Reports

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