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This section is all about your experiences as a disabled tourist. I’m interested in hearing your stories for my research, but I’d also like these pages to be a source of information for disabled tourists thinking of travelling abroad or using particular services or companies. Have you had a bad experience where the service provided to you was less than you expected?  Was the hotel dreadful with 70 steps up to the reception desk! On the other hand, if you have travelled somewhere and had a really good experience what was it that made it so good? Please post your pictures and comments using the links in this section.  It would be really helpful if you could complete the questionnaire to help me with my research too!  If you feel there’s something else you’d like to add not covered elsewhere on the website, I’d be happy to conduct a one to one interview via Skype or face to face to hear your story.  If you’re interested please leave your e-mail contact address on the ‘Contact me for an interview’ page. Any information you give via my website and which I use in my research will be completely anonymous. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell your experiences.

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